Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update - January 31

We have had a group of Americans here since last Friday. Richard Prather, Ellie Hamby, Dr. Allen Neese, and Allen and Valerie England have been here before. Our first-timers are the England's daughter Sherry, Art Nine, and Curt Bucholz.

Sherry is an artist and is teaching art lessons at all levels. The students have loved these classes and are begging her for more. Art is a farmer from Oklahoma and has been advising the farm management team when he's not working with them on the muddy road. Curt is a pathologist from Alaska who is here to help Allen Neese with hospital issues.

Richard, Ellie, Allen Neese, and Curt made a quick trip to Lusaka with the Oldenburgs and three mission staff members to take care of some business matters. They left for Lusaka on Monday before we had two days of torrential rains. Their return Wednesday night turned into an adventure as the Oldenburgs' two-wheel drive pickup got stuck on the Namwianga Road. I'll condense a long, muddy story and tell you that the Oldenburgs managed to get their vehicle unstuck and took it back into Kalomo and parked it. Richard collected them in the four-wheel drive Land Cruiser, but even that vehicle couldn't make it through The Bog on way back to Namwianga. David, Allen England, and Art were waiting at The Bog with the farm tractor where they had just rescued an SUV that ended up almost on its side in the mire. The tractor pulled out the Land Cruiser and everyone got safely home eventually.

We're all hoping for sunshine today.

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Dustin said...

It was great to hear a report on how my father-in-law, Art Nine, is doing over there visiting. Thanks.