Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Suggestion

We would like to suggest a way to give a Mother’s Day gift that will give life to a mother and her baby in Zambia. A gift of $10 will purchase two Clean Delivery Kits (CDKs) for Zambia. We plan to give these CDKs out to expectant mothers during our Zambia Medical Mission and throughout the year at the Namwianga Rural Health Center. We will be targeting mothers who will not have access to a hospital or rural clinic for delivery.

Each year about 60 million women in developing countries give birth with only the help of an untrained attendant or family member or with no help at all. Many of these deliveries take place at home and often in a small hut in a remote village. The infection rate is high with some 1600 women per day dying from complications associated with pregnancy or childbirth, and infection is a leading cause. Around 950,000 newborns per year die from infection, according to the World Health Organization. Many of these infections can be avoided when Clean Delivery Kits (CDKs) are used. Our kit includes the following:

Bar of soap and wash cloth
Square yard of plastic sheet
Razor blade (single edge)
String for umbilical cord
Sealed bag for packaging
Baby blanket
Infant sleeper or onesie
Two pairs disposable gloves
Tylenol Extra Strength
Prenatal multi-vitamins for 2 months

Last year, we gave out 500 CDKs in three days, so this year our goal is 1,000 kits so that no mom-to-be will go back to her hut without having these essentials for her hut delivery.
We are making a special drive for Mother’s Day by encouraging family and friends to donate to Zambia Mission in honor of a mother, wife, sister, or friend. A personal note will be sent to individuals informing them of this gift. If you are interested in participating, please make checks to Zambia Mission Fund and send it to Zambia Mission, 658 E.N. 21st St., Abilene, TX 79601. Please include the name and address of the person you are honoring. If you have further questions, please contact Star Ferguson ( or phone: 325-668-0687)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kanyameza Student Outreach

Roy Merritt sends this report.
Students at George Benson Christian College are encouraged to be involved in outreaches. Two Northreach-sponsored students ride bicycles 23 kilometres to Kanyameza church most Sundays.
Open buildings like this are comfy in hot weather!

Builders often use large tin cans as forms to mould cylindrical bricks.

Kanyameza church has a strong interest in orphans, and organized an orphan day out here at Namwianga last year.
Over the past year attendance has increased from 28 to 54.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


This afternoon we received some devastating news from Namwianga. Virginia Chuulu, a lovely young woman who served as my translator during Zambia Medical Mission, died in childbirth on Sunday. Her infant daughter survived, but Virginia succumbed after having an emergency C-section at the Zimba hospital (about 30 miles away from Namwianga).

In addition to the new baby, Virginia is survived by three other young daughters and her husband Barry who is a teacher at the secondary school. She will be greatly missed by all of us who were blessed by her vibrant personality and her loving spirit.

Please pray for Barry and the girls as they face the trying days ahead.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brittell Orphans

Several years ago I posted a story about the Brittell family and the orphans who were raised in their care. Today I received a notice from one of the orphans who would like to get in touch with the Brittell family. So if any of the Brittells read this and would like to communicate with him, you can click on the link above and look in the comments section of the original post to get his contact information.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Largest Meteorite in the World

Last Friday I subbed in a fifth grade science class. As we read the textbook section on meteorites, I saw found this sentence: "The largest meteorite ever found is located in the African country of Namibia." I was able to tell the kids that I have been there and seen it! We visited the Hoba Meteorite in 2009 when we traveled to Tsumeb, Namibia, to visit fellow missionaries John and Martie D'Alton. The fifth graders were impressed. As a matter of fact, we were too. It's a pretty incredible sight.

Gotta Have Shoes

Rajiv, my assistant at Namwianga, sent me this photo today. He has been busy buying new uniforms and shoes for the sponsored high school kids who show up with almost nothing. Students in Zambian high schools must wear uniforms, including black shoes. Many of our students come from families that simply cannot afford that expense. We keep a uniform fund to help them out, and Rajiv makes sure they have what they need.