Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zambia Medical Mission Report for 2012

Ellie Hamby sent out this report about the 2012 Zambia Medical Mission.  Once again, God did amazing things through the volunteers who served.

Our 18th Zambia Medical Mission has come to a close and with six days of clinics we saw a record breaking 20,220 people. They came in droves by walking, crawling, being carried on someone’s back, bicycles, oxcarts, donkey carts and some in the back of large trucks. The needs are tremendous as the people we have ministered to have little access to medical care. For many it was the first time to be treated by a doctor. The pharmacy was extremely busy with the over 6000 prescriptions filled each day. On the first day at the Kasukwe Clinic we saw 3925 patients which was a record in the number of patients we have ever seen in one day. The team was exhausted by the time the day was over. We did have a few people out with stomach problems, but all have recovered and doing fine. Each day we either set records or were very close. It has been a challenge to the team, but we have an excellent group of workers, both Zambian and American, and they worked diligently to serve the vulnerable people of Southern Zambia. Everywhere we went the medical team was presented with gifts; which included 3 cows, 1 goat, and 10 chickens. Two of our truck drivers sold a cow and presented us with the funds to purchase food for the medical team. It is great to see every single person on the team whether they were a truck driver, kitchen worker, or a medical person working together to accomplish the one goal of sharing the love of Jesus with those in such need. 

We were also able to send trucks back to Namwianga Zonal Health Center carrying patients for Cataract Surgery. Dr. Moonze, a Zambian Ophthalmologist, performed 83 surgeries in four days. In order to do this he had to operate some nights until 2:00 am. It is hard to put into words the joy that these people express in having their sight restored.

Praise God we had 70 baptisms and we know many other souls were touched and the church will grow and be strengthened. A big thanks to all who helped make Zambia Medical Mission 2012 a huge success.

In His Service,

Ellie Hamby
Zambia Medical Mission

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Zambia Medical Mission

Lots of photos of the first day of clinics at Njabalombe.  Check it out at

Monday, July 09, 2012

Zambia Medical Mission

Zambia Medical Mission has begun at Namwianga Mission.  The team of Americans arrived on Saturday.  K. B. Massingill posted this report:


ur team enjoyed worship this morning, and came back to the Hamby Guest House for lunch.  We had a lengthy meeting following lunch to walk through a thousand details that we all need to be aware of.

Our greatest hitch at the moment, is that due to a change at the Nursing Counsel all of our nurses must report to Lusaka (six hours away) for an interview before they can practice.  This means that a few of our nurses will get up VERY early tomorrow travel to Lusaka, be a part of an interview, and then make the eight hour trip back to our clinic site and arrive after dark.  It is difficult, but our only choice.  In the years past, nurses who had previously sat for the interview did not have to do it again every year, but a complete turn-over of personnel at the Nursing Counsel means changes in protocol.

You can see photos on of our group practicing putting up King Canopies.  It is essential that we be able to do it quickly and effectively in order to ensure that we are able to move quickly when the time comes to start our clinics.

The weather last night was cold, but characteristically hot today in the sun.

We will be getting up early tomorrow to travel to our clinic site.

Keep us in your prayers.

You can read more and listen to more updates at  Pictures are posted at

Friday, July 06, 2012

Two Worlds - Another Reminder

The top photo shows my two youngest grandsons Knox and Thaine.  Michele and Mark Broadway are in the lower photo.  They are now at Namwianga and are shown here holding Lizzy and Dillon, two orphan babies at The Haven.

These photos remind me of the two different worlds I have lived in, and the joys of both.  Here is a re-post of a two-world experience from 2010.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Family Photo - 2012

Left to right:  Leah, Jacob, John, and Thaine Gregersen, Nana and PawPaw, Sara, Knox, and David Anderson
We gathered in College Station, Texas, this weekend to welcome baby Knox into the family.  Here is the latest news on our family.

Leah and John have two sons:  Jacob, age 2 years, and Thaine, age 4 months.  They have been living in Austin but will be moving to Brady, Texas, in late summer.  John works for Border States Electric and Leah will be teaching Family and Consumer Science at Brady High School. Sara and David live in College Station where Sara is a technology specialist for the Bryan ISD and David works for Suddenlink.