Monday, January 11, 2010

Two Worlds

We said goodbye to the people of Mukonda on Saturday afternoon and traveled through breathtaking scenery back to Namwianga. The sapphire sky sparkled over clusters of thatched roofs on verdant rolling hills. Goats and cows meandered across the dirt road. Ten Zambian ladies filled the back of the Land Cruiser, singing in the rich Tonga harmony that I suspect will be the melody of heaven. It was one of the times I tell myself that I am experiencing a National Geographic Moment.

We had been back home a few hours when I got an e-mail from one of Sara's friends. She was with Sara in a Dallas bridal shop, and Sara had narrowed her selection down to two wedding dresses. Sara's friend sent me pictures of the two gowns via her iPhone, and I e-mailed my feedback on which one looked best. I was thrilled to get to be there for one of my daughter's significant moments.

Two incredible experiences in two starkly contrasting worlds.


Mary Ann Melton said...

You have been so blessed with your African experiences! I was so glad you got to experience the bride dress shopping with Sara. God has blessed you richly!

C and C said...

Charlie and I are so excited and happy for Sara and David. Ashley was here with me, and they sent pictures to us too. We gave our feedback. Which ever dress Sara chooses, she will be a beautiful bride! We love her--- Cathy