Friday, January 22, 2010

Off they go!

A guest post from Roy Merritt.

Northreach/Westreach funds sponsor George Benson Christian College students who agree to be missionaries in far-flung corners of Zambia. They are bonded to “equal time” – three years in college – three years teaching and working with the church out in the boonies where their cell phone can’t find the network.
We have just sent out a bunch of them—the graduating class of December 2009.
They went out in three main groups; Sesheke and Mongu areas in western Province, Mporokoso and Kaputa areas in Northern province.

They travelled and dropped off here and there day and night.

Some roads were good . . .

And some were not so good.

Car troubles happened every day. That’s why each group went with its own mechanic and his toolbox.

Trailer troubles too—one night this axle snapped. One wheel popped off and rolled 100 feet into the jungle.
They didn’t find it until daylight. Strips of inner tube held it together till the next town and a repair shop.
They paid the guy on the right to sleep with the trailer till they returned next morning.

Lukulu, town of plenty.
What it has plenty of is sand!
Western province is covered with deep deep sand.
No stones to throw at somebody if you get mad.
No rocks for little boys’ slingshots.

About half the students are married, and took their families along.
The singles looked like they were homesick about one minute after they unloaded.

Thanks for supporting this work!
God bless you,
Roy and Kathi

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