Wednesday, March 04, 2009

BIG news!

The big news in our area is ELEPHANTS! Small herds of elephants have been sighted on farms adjoining the mission. Last Sunday we visited the village of Kasibi where David preached for the morning service. Mr. Simoongwe, one of the elders, served as his translator. He told us that he had been late arriving for church that morning because he had been out inspecting the damage that elephants had done to his maize fields. This morning in chapel it was announced that elephants had been seen in Namwianga's back paddock. Schools are warning children to be careful when walking to school, and everyone is advised to be watchful.

The elephants in the photo above were seen in South Luangua's game park. I'll be quite happy if I don't have any opportunities to take photos anywhere else!

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lois archerlsin said...

Wow, you guys pick interesting pets. Snakes of all things. But then I can't talk as I killed a coral snake in the Day Care one time. Never knew how it got in, but I killed it with a sledge hammer, then called Gary ( the custodian) to come get it .