Saturday, October 17, 2009

On to Mumena

Our first day of travel ended at Fringilla Lodge, a gorgeous inn and working farm just north of Lusaka. The dinner buffet was delicious and our lodging very comfortable.

The next morning we had an early breakfast and were about to get on the road when the bus had a SECOND flat tire. The students had already cleared out of their rooms, so they patiently lounged on the lawn as our driver Donald, with help from Ross, changed the tire.

The tire delayed us an hour at Fringilla and another hour in the next town where we had to shop for a new inner tube.

We had hoped to get to Mumena and get settled before dark, but that was not to be. We pulled in about 7:00 in the inky black of the African bush at night. The missionary families had chili and cornbread waiting for us. We feasted and then settled into our quarters. The students stayed in unfurnished dorm rooms, using sleeping bags on the concrete floors, while we sponsors had beds in the missionaries' houses. (Will it surprise you to know that the students LIKED roughing it? Some listed this as one of the highlights of their trip. They're amazing!)

Our Mumena adventures had just begun.

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