Friday, July 09, 2010

Preparations for Zambia Medical Mission

The annual Zambia Medical Mission begins next week. Director Ellie Hamby supplied the following information about getting ready for this huge event:

For those of you who are interested here is a sample list of what it takes to take care of the ZMM team for 2 weeks (about 100 workers from the states and 135 Zambian medical, spiritual, and general workers)

8000 bottles of water
7120 plates
7920 buns
82 large cans of chicken
286 lbs. of ground beef
110 chickens-slaughtered and cut up
168 boxes of macaroni and cheese
40 #10 cans Ranch Beans (a #10 can is about 100 oz.)
30 #10 cans corn
25 #10 cans tomatoes
16 #10 cans Pickles
810 breakfast bars
1430 packages chips
264 lbs. corn meal
99 lbs. rice
75 heads of cabbage
88 lbs. tomatoes
53 lbs. carrots
88 lbs. onions
25 cases fruit
100 lbs. coffee
400 lbs. sugar
100 liters cooking oil

These ingredients will be turned into scrumptious dishes like Sloppy Joes, Chicken Stew, Fried Chicken, Nshima, Cabbage Salad, Fried Cabbage, etc.

Other items that we have to purchase are as follows:
1000 rolls toilet paper
20 x 60 lb bags charcoal
2,500 lbs of ground corn for patients coming to clinic
5000 liters of Diesel
20 bottles disinfectant
80 rolls of duct tape
1200 large trash bags

Things to rent or lease:
9 lorries (trucks) to haul all our stuff
6 buses to haul the team
4 smaller vehicles (landrover, pickup, etc)

Items we need to have each year but are kept in storage:
70 +Tents
300 sleeping bags for American and Zambian team members
200 mats for American and Zambian team members
Many cooking pots including a 75 gallon black cast iron cooking pot
12 large Canopies
15 Tarps
200 folding chairs
30 long folding tables

This all deals with just the physical side of ZMM (getting us there and back and sleeping and eating) while out. It does not include all the medicine and other supplies to actually run the clinics.

As you can see from the above we are very busy getting all this arranged. We have people shopping, meeting with lorry drivers, putting zippers in tents, etc. so there is lots of action around here right now.

Can't wait for everyone to get here.


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