Friday, April 11, 2008

Update - April 11

David has quickly recovered from his bout with malaria.  We have been SO thankful for the counsel of fellow missionaries Sheri Sears and Brian and Sondra Davis.  They advised us to take malaria drugs with us just in case and told us of other missionaries who spent their furloughs trying to get diagnosed and treated in the US--a difficult situation since most American doctors know little about malaria, and the drugs are not readily available.   Our last stop in Zambia before the airport was at the pharmacy, and we are glad we did!

We flew into DFW on Wednesday and are now in Fort Worth visiting our friends the Branscums for a couple of days before going to Austin on Saturday.  

For the rest of our furlough (through mid-June), I will post occasional updates on our activities and blog the stories and photos of Zambia that I didn't have the time or bandwidth to cover while we were there.  

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