Monday, April 07, 2008

Update - April 7

The last post seems like months ago rather than just one week.  We have packed many miles into the past eight days.
We planned to leave Namwianga on Monday, March 31, at noon to head for Livingstone.  Getting packed and ready to leave was quite a challenge.   By 6:40 on Monday morning we had already said goodbye to five overnight guests and answered the door three times!  Then  our original transportation plan for getting to Livingstone fell through and we had to come up with a quick Plan B.  We were on our way at 2:00 Monday afternoon.  
We spent Monday night in Livingstone and flew out on Tuesday.  Fifty-one hours later we finally landed in another world--Honolulu!  David's cousin Paul lives in Kailua and invited us to spend a few days in his guesthouse on our way home to Texas.  Our travel agent in Livingstone managed to get us extremely cheap tickets if we were willing to spend enough time in a plane, and here we are!  
So far we have enjoyed seeing the Waikiki beach area and the Kailua beach near the guesthouse where we are staying.  Over the weekend we made a two-day jaunt to the big island and hiked across the Kilauea Iki crater.  We also watched lava flow into the ocean.  On Sunday after church we took a trip up to the northern shore of Oahu island with Paul and two of his children.  
By the time we returned from that excursion, David was miserable with symptoms of malaria. He went straight to bed and hasn't been up much in the last 24 hours.  Thankfully, we heeded the advice of seasoned missionaries and brought a round of malaria treatment with us. He started taking the medication this morning, and hopefully he will be back up and around in time for our Tuesday night flight back to the mainland.  
Our plan is to spend a couple of days with our friends the Branscums in Fort Worth and then arrive in Austin on Saturday.  

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