Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This handsome little guy is Moses Siangandu. When we first visited Namwianga in 1999, Moses had just arrived at the Merritts as a very sickly orphaned baby. His health was so precarious that he almost died several times. Eventually he grew healthy enough to be placed for adoption. Hunter Siangandu, a teacher at Simpweze Basic School, and his wife decided to add Moses to their already large family. Hunter arrived on his bicycle to get baby Moses. He tied the baby onto his back with a chitenge (2 meter strip of brightly colored fabric), and off they went for the 30 kilometer trip to their home in the bush.

Now a charming ten-year-old, Moses is much loved by his older sister Loreen. Loreen recently graduated from GBCC and was given a teaching job in Western Province. She didn't want to go alone, so she took Moses along to live with her and keep her company.

The Siangandus won't be lonely back at home. Hunter and his wife have five birth children and have adopted several more--including two boys named Moses. They are also guardians for some of their nieces and nephews whose parents have died. Their two-bedroom house is often bursting at the seams with the 17 family members!

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Sara said...

Wow, can't believe its been 10 years since we first went to Africa. And can't believe that's little Moses!