Friday, November 20, 2009

Too Quiet

We enjoyed a visit from Harding University's president Dr. David Burks and his wife Leah last weekend. The Burks spent a busy three days at Namwianga seeing many facets of the Mission and the Harding in Zambia program.

On Tuesday morning the Harding In Zambia group left for a week of travel in Kenya and Uganda before they return to the United States. We have grown very close to this special group, and their leaving was a tearful time. The campus is now much quieter and our lives much emptier. We told them that we wanted them to leave with an Africa-shaped hole in their hearts, and I think we are left behind with a HIZ-shaped hole in our hearts.

Our house is especially quiet. Since late September the HIZ faculty sponsor Ross Cochran had lived with us. Then in late October Ross's wife Nita, their daughter Hannah, and David's niece Anna Britton had joined us. Anna and Hannah, both Harding Academy students, have been friends since childhood. We had a blessed time sharing our home with these dear, fun-loving and thoughtful people. We will treasure our memories of their stay with us.

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