Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Visit from David Burks, President of Harding University

This is a guest post from Roy Merritt, longtime missionary at Namwianga.

David Burks, President of Harding University, is visiting here in Zambia. He is spending time with his HIZ (Harding in Zambia) students, and also with some of the “local wildlife”.

Here he is bonding with Peter, one of our HIV positive babies.

David and Leah Burks with Peter.  David is the third Harding President to visit Namwianga Mission.

Harding and mission work in Zambia have links reaching back to Odessa Missouri and Harper Kansas, where Bensons, Sears, Shorts and Merritts all attended school and built friendships that stretched across oceans.

Today we moved 21 HIV positive and TB babies from Eleanor’s House to Marjorie’s House.  The Burks, Harding students and teachers came to share the moment and bless the new house.

Quietly presiding, teary-eyed, Cecelia Siafwiyo was sad/glad to see so many of “her” kids move out!

21 new residents of Marjorie’s House, and friends.

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