Thursday, December 24, 2009

Namwianga Christmas Eve

David and I just came in from a moonlit stroll around the campus. The stars are incredible, and lightning provided a spectacular display far off in the distance. We couldn't be much farther away from a white Christmas--ours would have to be called a green Christmas. The rains have come at just the right times to make the landscape lush and verdant. Flowers are blooming everywhere, and our garden is approaching jungle status.

The campus is eerily quiet with very few people around. The students are long gone, and many of the teachers have gone to their farms to work or are traveling to visit relatives. We have been busy this week entertaining friends and enjoying a change from our usual schedules. We're planning a restful Christmas day with a few friends. If my Christmas wish comes true, we'll have electricity all day so we can contact our family members and cook dinner. If not, we'll be satisfied with the really important things: Peace on earth, good will to men.


Mary Ann Melton said...

What a wonderful Christmas post! I wish for you a quiet but blessed Christmas!

Unknown said...

Happy Christmas from everyone at Chanters Lodge!