Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Namwianga Misssion

This is a guest blog from Roy Merritt giving an overview of Namwianga's ministries and programs.

George Benson Christian College has been going more than 20 years. This school has sent over one hundred local missionaries to Zambia’s outlying provinces. GBCC teachers and students have planted more than 200 congregations.

This is the main classroom block.

Offices, computer lab, the library and more classrooms.
Our newest project is a radio station. They had to limit transmissions to music only for a six month trial period. We now have a broadcasting license and are expanding into evangelistic and educational programs.

Namwianga also has a Rural Health Centre, which we hope will soon become a fully accredited hospital.

W. N. Short built this church building in 1952.

Namwianga Christian Basic school has 612 pupils grades 1-9. The central building went up in 1948, I think. The original school, built by the Leslie Brown family, my parents and grandparents in early 1930s, no longer stands.

About 40 years ago Georgia Hobby planted this Flambouyant tree in the school quadrangle. October/November it’s ablaze with red flowers.

The mission manages several schools, two on our property here and five in other locations here in Southern Province.

The mission is on a cattle ranch, about 5000 acres. We run a herd of Boran beef cattle, have a small dairy, and provide one or two-acre “limas” to mission workers so they can plant maize for their families each rainy season.

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