Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update on Meagan

Several people have asked me about Meagan Hawley, which made me realize that I neglected to keep loyal blog readers updated on her progress. Meagan's doctor agreed to let her return to Zambia as long as she agreed to rest 12 hours a day. She arrived back at Namwianga on March 11 and has been operating on a reduced schedule so she can rest as much as possible. She is training the staff at the newest Haven, Marjorie's House. This is the house where babies and toddlers who have HIV, TB, or other health issues stay. Meagan is doing a great job of making sure that every one of these babies receives the best possible care and lots and lots of love and attention.

Jana Miller and Kelsy Kelly were filling in for Meagan at Marjorie's house for several weeks while she was gone, and they continued living there with Meagan until they returned to the US on April 15. Earlier this year Jana started teaching a preschool class to Jason, George, and two other four-year-olds at Eric's House, and Kelsy was continuing her ministry to high school girls. Meagan's original plan was to return to the US permanently this year, and she will be doing that in mid to late May.

I asked Meagan for an update on Jason and George, and this is what she sent me recently:
Jason won't stop asking me if I'm going to come teach school now because Jana is gone. He doesn't understand I have a few other things to do! Jason came over alone the other day and said, "I want to help you." I asked him what he wanted to help me do, and he just said, "I want to help you do something." SO he followed me around while I let him carry things, deliver things to aunties, etc. Such a servant already! Sunday nights I've been carrying your beaded black church bag, and the boys always say, "Nana's bag for church?"

I miss all of them, but it is great to know that Meagan is healthy and able to finish the ministry she loves so much, and that Jason and George are happy and keeping busy.

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