Saturday, May 01, 2010


Several have asked us, "What do you miss about Africa?" So here goes:
Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets
The splendor of the Milky Way in an inky night sky
Jason and George
My chickens!
Meagan, Jana, Kelsey, Courtney, and Betsy
Mrs. Nyee at the Mini-Mart (and the free Cokes she often gave me)
Rodgers Namuswa roaring up to the front door on his motorbike
Congregational singing in a thatch-roofed village church building
Wearing Teva sport sandals seven days a week
Rocking and rolling on potholed roads in our Toyota pickup (okay, I only miss that a little bit)

And now the things I do NOT miss:
The electricity going off at random times almost every day
SLOW internet connection
Watching for snakes
Wearing skirts all day every day
Events that are scheduled for 9:00 but actually start at 10:30 . . .
Mosquito nets
Paying for everything in cash, and no one ever seems to have the right change

And the things I still marvel at about life in America
Clean public restrooms with warm water, soap, and paper towels
Roads without potholes
Paved roads in general
Stores whose inventory approximates the gross national product of Zambia

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lodgeman said...

Brilliant, only mortified that we are not on the list of things you're missing! Anyway WE miss YOU!