Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rajiv Siamweela

When David and I neared the end of our five-year commitment in Zambia, my greatest concern was the sponsorship program. Who would take care of all the students? Who would take pictures of the new high school pupils? Who would collect letters for sponsors and write articles for the sponsorship newsletter? I prayed about it, and others joined me in praying that God would send just the right person. God answered those prayers richly by providing Rajiv Siamweela to serve as the on-site assistant coordinator of the sponsorship program.
Rajiv was sponsored through Namwianga Christian Secondary School, the Business and Computer Studies program, and George Benson Christian College. In December he completed his three-year teacher training program at GBCC. In high school and college, he distinguished himself in academic performance and spiritual leadership. Rajiv assumed his new role as assistant sponsorship coordinator last February. Since then he has shown great competence and energy as he has handled the communication and record-keeping duties for the sponsorship program at Namwianga. Rajiv also has a heart for ministry. He knows the sponsored students and cares deeply about them.
I am very proud that one of our own sponsored students is now taking a leadership role in helping the program grow and bless others.

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