Monday, February 07, 2011

Off to Change the World

Last month a new crop of GBCC graduates set off to change the world. Or to at least change a few communities in rural Zambia. The recent graduates headed off to areas of western and northern Zambia where they will serve as teachers and work to either plant a church or encourage an existing one.
The passengers--the graduates and their families-- rode on the yellow bus. A truck in front of them held their household goods.
The graduates are headed for new homes and new challenges. They'll be dropped off hundreds of miles from home, left among strangers to brighten the community with the light of Christ.

The small vehicle shuttles families from the large bus to the small, outlying communities.

The man in the middle is Bornwell Kayanda, with his wife and four kids, outside the house that will become their home. He’s a soft-hearted, gentle fellow who looks frightened right now, but the sturdy Spirit in him will calm him. Soon he will settle in this bare house and adjust to his new life. And do his part to change the world.

Photos and information provided by Roy Merritt.

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