Friday, February 01, 2008

The Bog

Roy Merritt sent out an e-mail today telling about his wife Kathi's recent adventure in The Bog. He writes:

Rain has swished over us almost daily the last two months. Zambia is about to sink!

I got this giggly phone call from Meagan Hawley, "Uh, um...(tee hee hee). We're stuck in the middle of the road just past the hospital. (twitter)"

How can Kathi get stuck right in the middle of the main road????

Of course, I leaped into my trusty 4X4 steed and charged forth to rescue damsels in distress.

Not far, a hint of road conditions ahead...

I'm sorry, I didn't take my camera along to record her buried wheels or her muddy feet. I didn't realize that the place would get worse and worse, and figured it was a one-time woman driver thing.


After she "opened" the ground, several dozen cars have suffered that same sloppy fate. This morning Kathi's mud-arena looked like this:

6-8 rainy weeks still lie ahead.

Usually we beg the Lord for rain. Now we'd (gulp!) like a bit less. We feel like those Israelites who grumbled for meat, then guzzled so many quail they got sick!


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