Monday, February 18, 2008

Brandon Goes Home

Brandon is one of the Haven orphans who quickly found a place in my heart. He is handsome, smart, and full of mischief. He kept everything hopping when he was around.

I have two favorite Brandon stories. When Sara was working with the toddlers at the orphanage last summer, Brandon had just figured out how to take off his cloth diaper. Jason came running in from the dining room one day holding up Brandon's diaper with a shocked look that seemed to say, "Look what Brandon did!" Sure enough, Brandon was not far behind him--naked and quite proud of himself.

A more recent Brandon story happened in December. I had gone to The Haven to get Bernard and Jason to come to my house for lunch and naps. As I was getting them ready to leave with me, Brandon ran to his room and put on his shoes. Before I knew what was happening, he grabbed my hand and headed for the door. Then he turned to all the others who were watching and waved goodbye. And of course I took him home.

At one time, we all thought Brandon would grow up at The Haven. He has sickle cell anemia and will always need some special medical care and attention. But two weeks ago his grandmother arrived, determined to take him home with her. She speaks English well and was able to articulate her plans for Brandon. She convinced Kathi Merritt and others in charge that she is quite capable of taking care of him. She has nine other grandchildren and orphans who live with her, so Brandon will have lots of company. She also lives in a village that is relatively close and easy to get to, which means that someone from Namwianga can check on Brandon every now and then.

On Tuesday Brandon and his grandmother were ready to leave The Haven. They had just gotten past the veranda gate when one of the caregivers tried to take Brandon back in the house to get one more hug. Brandon threw a fit and absolutely refused to leave the arms of his grandmother. Everyone was thrilled to see him so obviously bonded, so they happily sent him on with her.

I love happy endings. . . and happy beginnings.

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Ginger said...

That is so cool. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story!