Saturday, July 11, 2009

Update - July 11, 2009

It's been a very busy week!  Here are the highlights.

Sara has been going to Eric's House every morning and working with the toddlers--eight two-year-old boys plus George and Jason.  Almost every day she brings one or two home with her for the afternoon.  Tuesday was the day for George and Jason, and we had quite a time with them!  There is a big dirt pile in front of the new house next door, so the boys attacked that like a Six Flags ride.  It was hilarious watching them climb up and slide down.  

Wednesday Sara brought home a sick little guy who needed some TLC.  She and Kevin spent the whole afternoon on the couch where he was content to be held and read to.  

Thursday was Gary's day.  Gary, or "Gare Bear" as he is affectionately known, is the most active of the entire bunch, and there was very little sitting on the couch with Gary!  We took him into Kalomo with us for some chitenge shopping at the market.  

Friday we had Jason with us, and he was sick.  He had a high fever in the afternoon and evening and slept most of the time.  Dr. Allen Neese, a pediatrician, came by for a house call and checked him out.  We've got him on antibiotics now and plan to keep him here until he gets better.  

You can click on the link at the left to see Sara's blog where she has posted lots of pictures of the little guys.  

Wednesday evening we had a belated Fourth of July celebration with the Americans on the early team.  We headed out to Jordan Rock for a wiener roast and s'mores.  After we ate we sang patriotic songs around the fire as the sun went down.  Better than fireworks!

At our house this week we've had Sara, Mark and Michele Broadway, and Ryan Maxwell.  Last night two of the American nurses, Ellen and Toni, moved in.  Today the entire ZMM team arrives, so we will have a house full.  Already the guest room beds have been moved to other houses and replaced with bunk beds.  The hallway is lined with luggage and boxes.  

It has been VERY cold this week.  We've had a fire in the fireplace every night.  Most nights we've also had a spirited card game of Arkansas Rummy around the table. 

Today and Sunday will be filled with last-minute preparations for the medical mission.  We leave on Monday for Simalundu.  

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hi! its wendy davenport...--we were there in may/june. it seems i read at some time that the oldenbergs are back in the U.S. i didnt remember them saying they were coming back--everything o.k.? i'm a bit jealous of the HIZ students arrival--wishing we could be back :) brinson my 8 year old that misses zambia terribly is opening a bank account to start saving for his next trip there. he can't wait to return one day---take care
wendy (