Friday, July 17, 2009

Update - July 17

I ended up getting sick the night before we were to leave for the first set of clinics.  Dr. Neese told me to stay home, so that's what I did.  I spent four days in bed with fever and congestion.   By Thursday night when the rest of the team arrived back at Namwianga I was feeling better and was able to be up and around on Friday.  

David and others reported that the clinics went well.  There were 59 baptisms at Simalundu and Kapau.  


Wendy Davenport, said...

After being home nearly a month now, Brinson stills longs to be back in Africa. Yesterday he said to me, ' Remember the lady with the siamese cat, who made us dessert and jason likes to go over to her house...........'? 'Yes--I said--Mrs. Linda'. He said 'She is a really smart lady'. 'What do you mean?' I said. 'She said we might be really sad when we got home and want to go back, and that's exactly how I feel---How did she know that?"............I may have a little missionary on my hands :)

Anonymous said...

LINDA, I'm sorry you've been ill and glad you are up and about again. We watched the video David made in WBS class this week and it was neat to see some of the students that we send lessons to. Pray for you often that you and David will be blessed as you bless others (and that the snakes and other creepy crawlers will not invade your personal space. :-) It was good to have you back at Brentwood for awhile. hgs, glenda