Sunday, July 19, 2009

Update - July 19

"The program has changed."  That's a phrase we have heard many times since we moved to Zambia, and one that now has a familiar ring in our day to day activities.   It certainly is true of my "program" for this year's medical mission.  I finally started feeling human again on Friday, which meant I could have gone out with the team on Saturday for the next round of clinics.  But Sara got sick again.  She came home on Thursday night running fever and was totally miserable all day on Friday.  So I stayed home with her while the rest of the group left Saturday.  

It feels strange to be missing out on all the hectic activity of the medical mission, but Sara and I have enjoyed having some quiet time to be together.  We've watched movies, played games, and done lots and lots of talking.  Today (Sunday) she is feeling much better, so we went to church this morning here on the mission.  David called from Kanchindu this afternoon, and we decided he would drive home to spend the night tonight and then we'll all go back to Kanchindu for the last two days of the clinics.  That's the program for now.  We shall see . . .  

Saturday morning one of the young men staying with us woke up sick with a stomach virus.  He was pretty miserable, but he and Dr. Neese decided he would go on out with the group and hope for the best.  He rode in the back of our pickup on a mattress for the trip to Kanchindu.  

One of our other houseguests remarked about our "sick" atmosphere:  "Staying here is  like living in a petri dish!"  

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Mary Ann Melton said...

Glad you are feeling better . . . sorry that Sara is sick! I hope everyone gets to feeling healthy quickly!