Monday, August 17, 2009

How's That?

There are mysteries in life, some profound, some trivial.  This is about the latter.  Our internet went off Thursday evening.  One minute I could send an e-mail, a few minutes later I couldn't.  On Friday David got on Ellie Hamby's system and sent a notice to Coppernet that we had no service.   All weekend we suffered technology withdrawal--couldn't Skype with our kids, couldn't communicate with friends, couldn't post to the blog.  We did use Ellie's system briefly on Saturday, but she left for Lusaka on Sunday, and that was that.  At 11:00 this morning the system suddenly began working again.  And at 6:00 this evening we got an e-mail from Coppernet's customer service rep explaining that our system had been shut off because we hadn't paid our bill.   He didn't say why they had generously decided to turn it back on, but I'm guessing they checked their records and found that not only had we paid our bill, we had paid it 11 days EARLY!  We have to drive 40 miles to Choma to make the payment, so we did it when we were passing through on our way to a medical mission clinic. 

I scanned and e-mailed the receipt for August service dated July 20.   The rep hasn't replied yet.  
But we have internet again!

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