Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jonathan's Bicycle

Jonathan Kanagoiwa works in the spiritual counseling area during the medical mission every summer. He has a bright smile and a spirit of kindness about him.

One of the Americans who came on this year's medical mission grew fond of Jonathan and decided to get him a bike. We had the privilege of telling Jonathan this news and presenting him with the new Zambike.

I wish I could describe the amazement and gratitude on Jonathan's face when he first saw his new bike. No child on Christmas morning could be more thrilled. He said, "I don't have the words to say to thank you. The bike I have now I bought in 1973."

There is an annual gospel meeting at Dengeza, 50 kilometers from Jonathan's home, this weekend. Jonathan continued, "I have been walking to the meeting at Dengeza, but now I will ride."

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