Saturday, August 15, 2009

Update - August 15, 2009

Coppernet, our internet provider has been out since Thursday, so we are going through technology withdrawal! Right now I'm connecting at Ellie Hamby's house using her system to get caught up on e-mails and blogs. If you don't hear back from us when you send an e-mail, you'll know it's because our system is still not working.

Today we traveled to Kabanga to do a leadership/teacher training seminar. It was one of our largest ever, with over 90 participants from 10 different congregations. The women were enthusiastic, chiming in with lots of Amens! as I taught.

Kabanga used to be one of our least favorite places to visit because the 70 km dirt road to get there was so bone-jarring and terrible. A few months ago, however, the road was completely redone, and now the ride is not bad at all except for the dust.

The students have gone home except for a few who stayed to take some special prep classes for the graduation exams. The campus is strangely quiet. We are still staying busy getting ready for Harding In Zambia's arrival on September 3. Ellie Hamby and I have been going through the guesthouses making sure that the rooms have the right furniture, linens, fans, lamps, and extension cords. We've also been working on the menus and making shopping lists. This year David and I will be planning and leading a week-long trip with the HIZ students to northwestern Zambia, so we have been making reservations and arranging the details for that trip as well.

Tuesday we are leaving for a week-long trip to Namibia to visit our fellow missionaries John and Martie D'Alton. We will be doing a leadership/teacher training seminar for their congregation and also visiting Etosha Game Park. I'll try to post again before we leave if we get our internet connection working.

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