Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jason and George

I drove to the orphanage this morning, parked my borrowed Land Cruiser, and started walking to the house where I knew George and Jason were playing. Jason peeked over the veranda wall and saw me. His eyes grew wide as he threw his leg over the wall, jumped down, and ran straight into my arms. His head buried on my shoulder, I’m pretty sure he couldn’t see the tears I was fighting.

Next came George in a tumble of legs and arms attacking the other side of me. Two other toddlers grabbed my legs and hung on. I finally staggered to the steps and sat down. Jason fired off the questions: “Do you like my haircut?” (Yes, it’s very nice!) “Where is Ba David?” (Home in America) “Is he coming next week?” (No, he can’t come now) “Is that your new truck?” (No, I’m borrowing it) “Where is your truck?” (We sold it) And then George chimed in, “Can we go to your house?” (I don’t have a house here anymore) They both thought about that for a few seconds. “Oh.”

The questioning over, they were ready to play. So we joined a few other little friends on the swings and had a good time. Jason has grown taller and seems older than his five years. George is still tiny for his age, but both look happy and healthy. I stayed an hour or so and then had to leave. I gave them a hug and kiss goodbye. Jason waved and yelled, “Come back next week!”

I will, Jason. I will. Maybe even sooner.


Jana Miller said...

AHHHH! Hug those sweet shupas for me! And make them say their ABC's!

David and Linda Gregersen said...

I've already quizzed Jason, and he's doing great. He can read several words--mainly names. George is not interested-surprise, surprise! I talked to the deputy head yesterday to see if they had a spot for Jason in preschool. I hope it works out for him to go.