Thursday, September 30, 2010

You know you're in Zambia when . . .

You know you're really back in Zambia when . . .
1. The 4-inch wall spider greets you from the back wall of the closet.
2. You enjoy your bucket bath after heating the water for it on the stove.
3. You turn the fluorescent tube lights on at 2:00 in the afternoon so that hopefully by dark they'll finally come on.
4. When the lights don't come on, you find your way around with your trusty headlamp.
5. You feel the grit of sand in your sandals.
6. The singing in chapel sounds like heaven.
7. You find out the plans you made for Saturday won't happen on Saturday. Maybe not at all.
8. You slow down for chickens in the road.
9. The internet is SOOOOO slow
10. You can't wait to see what surprises tomorrow will bring.


lodgeman said...

Lol! Thanks for popping in to say hi! You're a star! Enjoy your trip - slow internet and all!

David and Linda Gregersen said...

Thanks, Richard. It was great to see you again. One thing I have not missed about Zambia is the slow internet. Remember when that article came out a few months ago that said Zambia had the slowest internet IN THE WORLD? You and I already suspected that!