Friday, September 10, 2010

Update - September 9, 2010

I just checked the blog and saw that I haven't posted for two weeks now. Sorry faithful readers! We had a round of goodbyes in Austin before packing up a week ago. We arrived in Missouri on the 3rd and moved into our house on the 4th. We've been in a state of chaos ever since as we've worked to paint most of the rooms before we unpack. Today we finally finished all the painting we are going to do, and we now have the kitchen and living room set up.

We have had a warm welcome from new friends and old friends at Mt. Vernon. This is my first experience of living in a small town in America (I'm not counting growing up on a farm, Searcy, or Namwianga!). Here are a couple of the more interesting things that have happened. On Tuesday an Amish horse and buggy clip-clopped down the street in front of our house. That same day we discovered that the high school football team practices in a vacant lot next to our house--we're talking less than 20 yards from our living room. That means our afternoons are punctuated with shrill whistles and coaching calls. And we hear that on Friday nights they'll be playing their games in the stadium across the street from our house.

Today we picked up a local magazine that describes events in the area. We are looking forward to the tractor pull at Stotts City, the Not So Square Arts Festival and Apple Butter Makin' Days in Mt. Vernon, and many more festivals, barbecues, and gatherings.

We scoped out the two local grocery stores today, and I am relieved to find that I can survive quite nicely without a local Walmart.

Africa news: I am going back to Namwianga for a visit. I will leave on September 27 and be at Namwianga until around the 19th of October. I plan to do some teacher training, do some interviews and other work for sponsorship, and go with the Harding In Zambia group on their trip to Mumena.

Next week we are going to the Zambia Mission Board Meeting in Searcy to do a final report of our time at Namwianga.

I'm still considering the future of the blog, but for now I plan to post once a week until my trip. I'll post as much as I can during my trip and then see what happens.

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