Saturday, October 02, 2010


Another chicken blog! My next door neighbor Mrs. Moono bought some of my chickens when we moved. She took Petronella, Big Red, Justafella the rooster, and five of the smaller hens. Today I went to see Mrs. Moono and got a tour of the chicken pen and a report on the happenings of my feathered friends.

Sadly, the Moonos ate Petronella and Big Red because they were old chickens. The young hens are all grown up, and there have been a couple of new broods hatch since we left.

Justafella the rooster still keeps watch over the hens and their chicks.

I took Shawn and Donna Daggett's children with me on my visit. They were thrilled to go in the pen and collect eggs with Mrs. Moono. We took the eggs home and scrambled them for a snack. Now that's a fresh snack!

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