Monday, October 04, 2010

Kabanga Trip

Today was one of those rare days in Zambia where things go like they're supposed to--or at least close to it.

I got a driver to take Rodgers Namuswa and me to Kabanga. The plan was to do a teacher training session and interview students for sponsorship. I had asked Simeon to make the arrangements, and he assured me on Sunday that the headmaster and teachers were expecting me.

The Kabanga Road has been kept in good condition, and the trip had little of the bone-jarring, white-knuckled thrills of years past. We arrived after just an hour and a half of travel.

The head teacher welcomed us. Yes, he knew we were coming to interview students, but he did not know I planned to do teacher training. No problem, though--he just sent out a messenger and all the teachers dismissed their classes. They cleared out a classroom, got me a few pieces of chalk and an eraser, and we were good to go. The teachers were responsive and receptive to the sessions, and the morning flew by.

Rodgers and I interviewed 16 students who are applying for sponsorship, and then he told me that a friend of his had prepared lunch for us. We feasted on chicken, nshima, and soup.

The homeward trip was hot and dusty. The Land Cruiser's AC is broken, so we had the windows down. Every time we met a car or passed a car, we choked on the dust for a few seconds. All in all, though, it was a good day--and a rare one--in which we were able to get done what we planned. And tomorrow is another day.

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