Friday, October 15, 2010

Mumena Trip

We returned yesterday from our eight-day odyssey to Northwestern Province. The trip went remarkably well--a huge contrast from last year's adventure. This year I did NOT forget the sleeping bags, we had NO flat tires, and the bus did NOT break down. There were no treks to a soccer field to get cell phone reception, and no picnic lunches in parking lots while tires were patched.

We did have a wonderful stay at Mumena with the missionary families: Brian & Sondra Davis, Rick & Karen Love, and Don & Rita Boyd. Brian taught some great classes, and we enjoyed sweet fellowship with the missionaries, Zambian Christians, and Congolese refugees.

The bus gave us no problems, and our wonderful driver Buster handled every road condition and situation with competence. Harold Sichimwa went along as our cook and, as usual, served us some fantastic meals. The students were cooperative and involved--a real joy to work with.
I'll post more details and photos in the coming days.

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