Thursday, January 06, 2011

House Hunting

I'm posting random stories that didn't make it onto the blog when they were fresh and new--mainly because it was so hard to post with our slow internet. In fact, the last few months we were in Zambia, I couldn't post any photos on the Blogspot site. I e-mailed my posts to Michele Broadway and she posted them from Austin. It was a hassle.

But I digress. Our daughter Sara was visiting us and took pictures of us shopping for chicken roosts. We saw these interesting chicken houses/coops for sale on the roadside between Mazabuka and Lusaka, so we stopped and got out to look for new digs for the hens.

There were large apartment-style roosts.

And long row houses.

But we finally settled on the duplex shown here. Sadly, our hens didn't like it very much, and it fell apart after a couple of weeks. Oh well. At least the coop had some temporary style.

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