Sunday, January 02, 2011

Remembering Christmas 2009

One fun part of our Christmas in 2009 didn't make it onto the blog, so in the spirit of Auld Lang Syne, here it is. We had a marvelous group of twenty-somethings at our house for an early Christmas dinner/party and gift exchange. The rule was that the gift had to be bought in Kalomo for less than $5.00. We had some great ones--note the lovely neon pink mirror with rhinestone trim that Meagan is holding. That was a hot item, along with Courtney's styling plastic apron and Jana's Winnie the Pooh bag. These young adults were so fun to be around--and fun to cook for!
Their current status: Betsy and Thomas (between David and me) got married in August. Mary (far left) spent last semester in Vienna with Oklahoma Christian University. Jana and Meagan (behind me) are living and working in Oklahoma City. Courtney (far right) married Meagan's brother Ben in June and is now teaching in OKC.

Update on Meagan Hawley: Meagan went back to Namwianga for Christmas this year. I can't wait to hear her stories!

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