Friday, August 15, 2008

Reality Check

Sometimes it is easy to forget that much of the world doesn't have the things we take for granted. I received the following information from Ellie Hamby who is still in Zambia. She writes:

Church leader and ZMM translator Dominic Moonga reports that over 600 people arrived in Kanchindu the day after the medical mission left. Some caught up with the medical team in Mbole, then some in Simpweze, and a few even made it to Zyangale. It is our understanding that those who made it to Zyangale had stopped at Mbole after we left, then Simpweze after we left, and then finally to Zyangale where they got there in time to be seen. It is estimated they traveled around 140 miles to try to get medical care.

(Note: Some people who came to be served on the medical mission were referred for further treatment to the Zimba eye clinic about 40 miles from Namwianga.) Ellie continues: A family (elderly man, his wife, and daughter) arrived a few days ago from the Simpweze area. They had enough money to get to Namwianga but not enough to go on to Zimba. It was after dark, so I put them up in the Hamby Bunkhouse. Justin (our security guard) told me that when he showed them the room they had never seen a light switch and did not know how to turn the electricity on and off, and they had no idea how a key worked to lock a door. Sometimes we forget that so many of the patients we see lead an extremely basic life. We did take the three to Zimba the next day as we were going to Livingstone. The man told me that as soon as he could see he was going to read the Bible. They were very appreciative of the care we gave them.

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