Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Update - August 12

It doesn't seem possible, but my radiation treatments are almost over!  August 18 is the last one.  I am still feeling great and having no side effects.  

Mark and Michele Broadway arrived back in Austin on Friday after spending a month in our house at Namwianga.  They have had stories to tell, and we have loved hearing all of them.  Here are just a few:

Dr. Richard Prather, the stateside superintendent of Namwianga and also a veterinarian, neutered our cat.  The operation apparently caused a feline personality transformation.  According to Mark and Michele, our once ornery and aloof cat is now warm and cuddly.  They think he was also very lonely without us and was ready to have some human companionship.  

The chickens are fine.  The guinea fowl are now all grown up.  According to the Broadways, the guineas fly out in the mornings and roam at large.  Then at night they fly back into the coop.  

The garden is producing well.  The people staying at our house had salad fresh from the garden almost every day.  

The beds are now out of the dining room and the dining table back in its rightful place.  

Michele taught my classes for me the last week she was there--one of the classes is pictured above.  The students wrote notes to me, and reading these truly warmed my heart.  Here are excerpts from some of my favorites.

Dear Madam,
We are really missing you in the college.  You have a heart of a mother to us.  May the good Lord be with you till we meet next term.

Beloved Madam,
Let the beauty that is in God recharge your spirit, purify your mind, touch your soul, and give you eternal joy and happiness.  I really miss you!

We miss you and we know that by his grace nothing is impossible.  Doctors treat but God heals.  God be with you till we meet again.

Dear Madam,
I was really grieved when I received the message that you have breast cancer.  I opened the Bible and read from the book of Psalm 121.  From the word of God I realized that God is there for you.

Dear Mum,
You are so dear to me and your absence has really made a big difference in my lectures and spiritual life.  You're an inspiration to me.  I know we worship the true God who will show us the right way.  It is my prayer and hope that you will become well and back.  I miss you so much Mum.

Dear Auntie,
If I was an angel I would look after you 24 hours, but since I am only human I will always pray for your recovery.  You are greatly missed by me.  

Dear Mother,
Your absence physically has created a huge empty space both in my spiritual and physical life. . .  Get well soon Mother.  Africa and Namwianga need you!

What wonderful encouragement and motivation to get back to African soil and the work there!


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Mary Ann Melton said...

What sweet wonderful notes from your students! It does not surprise me that you are dearly loved by them!