Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Update - August 6

Only ten more radiation treatments to go!  Last week my oncologist ordered heavier doses of targeted radiation and warned me that I should expect side effects.   So far nothing has happened.  I'm actually experiencing less fatigue than in the last week or two.  God is good all the time.

We have been having some Africa experiences here in Austin.  During a Bible study last week the electricity suddenly went off for about five minutes.  Then the internet connection went dead on Sunday at the Broadway's house where we are living.  It came back on briefly yesterday and then went out again.  We had it repaired today, but it requires a password that we have forgotten.  We've e-mailed the Broadways (who are in our house in Zambia) and asked them to send it to us, but they're having their own issues with electricity and internet service in our house, so who knows when we'll be able to connect?  In the meantime we are using the wireless connection at the church building.  

We had a great weekend with fellow missionaries Don and Laura Oldenburg who came from Abilene to see us.  Don is almost finished with his radiation treatments.  Although he will finish ahead of me, he has more follow-up tests to get through, so David and I will be back in Zambia a few weeks before Don and Laura can get there.  It is always a joy to share our love for Zambia and our ideas for the future of the work with them.  

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