Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Update - July 29

Today was my 19th radiation treatment--just 14 more to go.  Still no real side effects, and I've actually had more energy this week than I did last week.  Dr. Nuesch assures me that the side effects will happen . . .

Another blessing of our extended stay is that David was able to go to the Global Missions Conference in Arlington last week.  He saw many of our friends from years past and made some new connections.

The medical mission ended on Tuesday last week.  I haven't heard the totals on the number of patients served during the six clinics, but Rodgers Namuswa e-mailed us that there were 137 baptisms.  

Most of the team came home last weekend, but Mark and Michele Broadway are staying an extra 10 days.  Michele is teaching my English classes at GBCC.  She and Mark are also helping with some teacher training workshops at area schools.  

We discovered some slide shows on the Namwianga mission website that we hadn't seen before.  You might want to take a look.  

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