Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rearranging the Furniture

Michele Broadway sent this picture of our DINING ROOM at Namwianga.  Our whole house was used by medical mission team members--18 in all!  

Last Friday (the 18th) the team was at the Mission in between two sets of clinics in the bush.  It was the day to do some projects around the mission, get laundry done, and repack for the second set of clinics.  

Michele writes: 
Then the power went out.  The laundry for the people staying at our house was still not ironed, and some was still on the line and didn't get dry.  

We went to eat dinner at Roy and Kathi Merritt's in the dark (but still delicious).  We got back to the dark house and tried to sort out laundry.  I couldn't find any of my socks, and other people were missing various laundry pieces, so we did a mass search for socks, etc., with flashlights.  Mine were found on top of a bunk bed in another bedroom.  Everyone packed for the next outing in the dark and then went to bed.  

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