Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Kitchen is Where It's At

The dining room furniture was moved into the kitchen during the medical mission.   My kitchen is pretty small, but that didn't stop it from being well used.  

Here's the report from Michele Broadway:

When we got back from the first set of bush clinics, Mrs. Jope had given Richard Prather 30 eggs.  So Friday morning we had scrambled eggs!  Someone went down to the Hamby house and got buns and butter to go with the eggs, and it was delicious.

By the way, we (actually we're not sure who did it) broke the French Press (filter press coffee maker), we used up all your Crystal Lite lemonade mix for the reception, and we've eaten three bags of blueberry muffins.  We would have made cookies, but the mixes require eggs and a stick of butter.  We had the eggs, but we ate them all.  We're starting a grocery list for our Livingstone trip.  We've totally rearranged all your furniture and the house is a mess!  We've also been slipping and sliding on your concrete floors--on purpose!

Imagine your kitchen (see photo) with the dining room table in it and 10 or so people either sitting at the table or standing around it trying to cook eggs, wash plates, pour coffee out of the hole in the side of the French Press, make and pour tea, and feast!  There is a really great group of people staying here, and it has been really fun.

I'm so glad that our house has been used for such great fellowship, ministry, and fun!  

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