Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update - July 22

Radiation treatments continue to go well with minimal side effects.  I've now completed more than a third of the required 33 sessions.  

We made arrangements for our return flights to Zambia.  God willing, we will leave from DFW on September 2 and arrive in Livingstone on September 4.  On our flight from Johannesburg into Livingstone we will be with the new Harding In Zambia group, and we are looking forward to meeting the students as they begin their time at Namwianga.  

We are keeping up with Zambia Medical Mission through their blog site.  It sounds like the work is going well.  They are now in the second set of clinics out in the bush.  I know from experience how much they are looking forward to hot showers and a soft bed!    

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Nancy Penney said...

We are very close to traveling to Africa at the same time! I'm headed to Uganda for two weeks on August 28. This time I'll be visiting with one of our missionary couples, but I'd love to come see you two in action on a later trip. :-)