Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The People at My Door - Rodgers Namuswa

As much as we love being back in America with family and friends, we can’t help but miss our Zambian co-workers. Rodgers Namuswa is the one we work with the most. He is a member of the Church Development Team at Namwianga, and he is also the contact person for World Bible School in our area.

In 2005 Rodgers was given a motorcycle to help him expand his outreach efforts. What a worthy investment that turned out to be! Rodgers literally wore out that motorbike. He makes weekly visits to the Kalomo Hospital to counsel and teach the patients and their families. He goes out into the bush to arrange and publicize our leadership seminars. He is always going out to villages on weekends to teach and preach in the local congregations. He is a regular at the Namwianga clinic where he conducts chapel services, counsels and comforts the patients, and also coordinates a Wednesday evening Bible study. And his World Bible School work has multiplied exponentially in the last four years.

Rodgers has arranged places all over the Kalomo area that he calls “drop boxes.” In these places World Bible School students can pick up correspondence lessons. The students complete the lessons and then return them to the drop boxes. Rodgers collects these at regular intervals and mails them in bulk to the Brentwood Oaks church in Austin where instructors grade the lessons. The lessons are then mailed back to Zambia. Rodgers picks them up at the post office and distributes them to the drop boxes. The relatively quick turn around time for the lessons has encouraged more students to participate. These students have referred their families and friends, and the enrollment numbers just keep climbing.

When Rodgers wore out his first motorbike, the Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ supplied him with the new set of wheels shown above. I’m confident that Rodgers will log many miles continuing his good work in the kingdom.

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