Friday, May 08, 2009

Update - May 7, 2009

We are in Searcy, Arkansas, for the next few days spending time with David’s mother. Yesterday we were blessed to get together with the Harding In Zambia students—those from the past two years and some who will be coming in September. It was great to see and visit with them.

We shared an update on the elephant situation with the HIZ students. The Calders e-mailed us, saying that the elephants have stayed on the farm adjoining Namwianga for over two weeks now. Besides wreaking havoc in the maize fields and destroying the fences, the elephants have turned Maunga Lake into their swimming hole. The Maunga dam is right on the path that David and I walk and jog on every morning, so we’re going to have to find a new route if the elephants are still around when we get back.

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