Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Update - May 5, 2009

Today I had appointments with my medical oncologist and radiation oncologist. Both agreed that I am cancer-free. I told the radiation oncologist that I had not had any side effects from the radiation treatments--no skin reactions, no significant fatigue. He was amazed, saying, "That just doesn't happen." You may remember that last May I decided I would have "blest cancer," and I feel that's what I've had. I thank God for his goodness--all the time.

We have had a great time during our two weeks here in Austin. Last weekend we helped John and Leah move into their new house and enjoyed sharing that experience with them. We celebrated our 33rd anniversary on May 1 by spending time out in the country at our friends' log cabin. We have enjoyed many meals and good times with dear friends and our church family.

Wednesday we are taking off for three weeks of travel. We'll spend a week in Searcy with David's mother. A special treat will be meeting with the Harding In Zambia students, both those who have been to Namwianga and those who will be coming this fall. Then we will spend a week in Missouri with my family before going to Tulsa for a couple of days to help Sara get ready to move. She's landed a teaching job here in Austin for next year and will be moving at the end of May. We'll head from Tulsa to western Oklahoma for a visit with Richard and Angie Prather in Shattuck, and we'll wind up in Salado, Texas on May 24.

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