Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bernard and Jason Update

Meagan sent me the latest news on Bernard and Jason.  Bernard is doing well with his father and new stepmother.  He is attending preschool and even gets to call Meagan and talk to her on the phone occasionally.

Jason's grandmother came to Namwianga and talked with Cecelia Siafwiyo,  the housemother for the Haven.  The grandmother says she cannot take Jason and doesn't think there is anyone else in the family who can or should have him.  The Merritts have decided that he will move in with them at Eric's House.  He will have a bright future there with lots of attention from the other boys and many opportunities to develop his incredible athletic ability.  And we will be able to see him all the time!  

I miss the little guys and can't wait to get back to Namwianga and see them again.  Keep them in your prayers.

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