Saturday, June 07, 2008

Looking Up

This week I have once again been reflecting on the life lessons I've learned from my chickens (see an earlier post). I remember feeling such pity for the terrified hens who cowered in the corner of the pen, blinded by fear and unaware of the bread chunks that were being thrown into the pen for them. As I have faced a diagnosis with cancer, interrupted life plans, and an uncertain future, I have vowed that I will keep looking up and recognizing the blessings God is trying to shower on me.

Here's this week's list. My surgery on Tuesday went well and my recovery has been unexpectedly easy. I feel great! The pathology report looks good with no signs of invasive cancer. I have been able to spend lots of time with Sara, John, and Leah in the past week. I am surrounded by a wonderful, caring church family and a rock-solid group of friends to care for me. I've gotten many e-mails and cards with messages of encouragement and concern. I have time to rest when I need to. People from Texas to Zambia are praying for me, and I feel like I am riding on the wings of prayer. God is good all the time.

I am richly blest.

This week I will meet with the surgeon on Tuesday and my oncologist on Wednesday to develop the rest of my treatment plan. Next Saturday is John and Leah's wedding in Brady, so we'll be busy getting ready for that.

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