Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good Report

The pathology report from my surgery showed sufficient clear margins.  We are rejoicing.

Right now we are headed for Camp Blue Haven in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Leah's aunt and uncle have a cabin in the Blue Canyon, and we are going to spend a few days there before my radiation treatments start.  We will be there during second session at the camp--the session we attended as Bible teachers for many years.  We're looking forward to re-connecting with some of our fellow teachers from years past, and we'll also get to see the Brentwood Oaks campers who are there now.  An added bonus will be cool mountain air--a welcome relief from Austin's oppressive heat.  

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RhondaMommy said...

I am so glad that the news is positive! I will keep praying! Have a wonderful time at Camp Blue Haven!