Monday, June 16, 2008

More Surgery

I am scheduled for a second surgery on Tuesday, the 17th.  Although the pathology report for the first surgery showed no invasive cancer, it also showed that there was not a wide enough margin, or area of clear tissue around the cancer site.  This time the surgeon will take another layer for examination to make sure that all of the cancer has been removed.  It should be even simpler than the first surgery and will require very little recuperation time.

It does set back the start of radiation treatments for another two weeks, but that gives us some time to do a little more traveling.  

We continue to be blessed by the prayers and concern from family, friends, and blog readers.  We appreciate you!

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RhondaMommy said...

Linda, I haven't visited your site in a few weeks. But tonight I am truly struggling with what words to say. Know that you will be in my constant prayers as will David, and your kids! I will be watching daily for any news. Much love, Rhonda Bordine