Friday, September 04, 2009

The Extreme Team

Here is the team that pitched in and got the Bestes house ready on Thursday. Four of the young women are newcomers to Namwianga, having joined Meagan Hawley this summer. From left to right: Courtney Jenson, me, Betsy Watson, Kelsey Kelly, Jana Miller, and Meagan. They have already been a tremendous blessing to Namwianga Mission and to me. All are graduates of Oklahoma Christian University, and each one brings unique gifts and talents to the work here.

Courtney is working with the babies at the Haven, specifically in language development. Betsy is a nurse who tends to the health/medical/development needs of the Haven babies. Kelsey's interest is working with the high school girls at Namwianga Secondary. Jana's field is education, and she teaches elementary children in an enrichment program.

They devoted Thursday to helping me get the Bestes House ready. I was amazed at their energy, efficiency, and enthusiasm! I had a two-page list of jobs for them, and they had everything checked off in no time at all. They even had extra time after getting the house ready and had energy to sing and play games with the neighborhood children who came to greet the Harding students.

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